User Guide


The user guide is divided into two sections: 1) The first section illustrates the use of the law library and is meant for the everyone who intends to use the library for technical information and research; 2) The second section is designed for users who have been authorized to add items to the library and manage the libraray.
Section 1: For Everyone
This section describes the types of documents found in the law library and explains how to easily search the library. Any user may search public documents in the law library without logging in to the website.
Section 2: For Library Administrators
This section describes how to manage of the law library website, including how to add and manage content. It is intended for authorized administrators and contributors. Sub-sections present a complete guide for website management tasks such as researching, uploading documents, reviewing documents, translating documents and approving documents. Only when a translated document is thoroughly reviewed by many staff does it become available to the public on this website.