Subscribing to RSS feeds

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There are two RSS feeds that the law library offers. One is for documents published on federal level and the other is on provincial level. There are different ways of subscribing to the RSS feeds: you can add the feed's URL to your RSS reader of preference; or you can use the browser built-in capabilities to subscribe.

Feed URLs:

You can point your RSS reader (e.g. Google Reader) to the above URLs.

Subscribing through your browser:

  • After loading the law library site your browser will automatically detect the RSS feeds. Alternatively the click the RSS feed icon underneath the listings for provincial and federal laws;
  • In Internet Explorer the RSS icon next to the Home button will become active and the feeds available in the drop down:

  • You can select either of the two feeds or both one by one and then click the "Subscribe to this feed" link on the next page;
  • Your feed subscription screen will open and offer you to customize the folder location and name of the subscription. You can also add the feed to your favorites bar by checking the box for this option:

  • To read your feed subscriptions select the Favorites button on the top left and click the Feeds tab:


  • Subscribing to feeds in Firefox is similar. Once you have loaded the home page the RSS icon in the address bar will become available. Click this icon and select "Subscribe ...":

  • Your feeds are saved in your Bookmarks. Access the bookmarks by going to menu View/Sidebar/Bookmarks.